Sugar Me Spa Signature Body Scrub
A body scrub will help to remove all the dead skin off your body and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. If your skin has become rough and has darkened due to pollution or exposure to dust, you can use a body scrub to remove the rough skin layer leaving you with a soft and supple skin.

60 minutes/$85

Sedona or Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap​
For centuries indigenous people all around the world have been enjoying the benefits of their locally harvested clays and muds for their medicinal and aesthetic properties. Dependent on their location of harvest, each clay and mud is abundant and rich in its own regional mineral content. From the Dead Sea to the red clays of Sedona, we have sought to gather mother nature's abundance for your detoxification, remineralization, rejuvenation and relaxation. 
60 Minutes/$100

Add Peppermint Scalp Massage +$15

Add Mini Facial with cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and a mask  +$40

Deep Cleansing Back & Shoulder Treatment
A facial‏ for your back! This treatment deeply cleanses, unclogs pores, refines, and tones your skin on the hard to reach areas of your back and shoulders. Includes extractions and a mud mask that lifts impurities to balance, treat, and prevent break outs, leaving skin incredibly smooth.
45 Minutes/$70

Add on lightening or acne peel - +$30

Body Treatments